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    Anyone heard from Sagebrush?

    It doesn't seem like he's posted here in a long time. Because of his age and his denial of science I worry about whether he might have gotten Covid. He was an idiot and liar, but he was a character and I hope he's doing okay.

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    Is Global Warming a painless way to die?

    Just curious.  Not that I would actually go through with it,

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    Should I apologize to Clown Crusher?

    Favourite answer:

    Unlike you, the other side was never here to work on science, and your unrelenting accurate work on scientific questions succeeded like no other contributor here on Yahoo Answers. They insulted you and tried to bury your efforts in a sea of garbage, but you never gave up. You have nothing to apologize for my friend. On a scale of morality, there is no moral equivalence between you and them. Well done Dirac.

    At Koshka, one of my favorite Beatles songs in terms of lyrics is:

    We Can Work It Out

    Best wishes to you, David, Darwinist, and many of the other fine scientific contributors here on Yahoo.

    17 AnswersGlobal Warming1 week ago
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    Has Susan Crockford published ANY peer-reviewed research on polar bears in the last 10 years?

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    Peer review or not, the arctic's old ice is thinning down, and some of it is completely gone. When winter comes it's not as thick as the old solid ice. I recently answered such a question. Their natural habitat is theathened, they wander down to villages to scavenge for food. I'm not a zoologist, so IDK how many will all adapt but some will, and this shall cause major problems for villages around the arctic circle. Anyone can google and see that more and more have been seen in villages in northern Russia in recent years. Why do they do that? They can't hunt for sea creatures anymore. 

    @graphicconception, I'm glad that you are still alive and in good health. And despite what you say about COVID, I hope you get inoculated. I'm going to as soon as I can. We had problems with shipments of Pfizer with the EU, but they are coming in again. Also I think hydroxychloroquin is still used, but as last resort. But prevention is better than cure. I agree with you that Einstein and Newton din't need peer review, pegminer left a comment about Edmun Halley, but still, did he really need to pass peer review to be correct? No, but I guess it helped his work get published. Peer review has it's flaws, especially in ''modern theoretical physics'' but it does not mean it should be regarded as ''all'' flawed, and you know that...

    Anyhow, I wish you well GC to you and all your loved ones, and I hope you all get trough this pandemic safe and intact.xx

    The Clown is funny, the harder he tries the more ridiculous he sounds. TY for making me laugh Clown, I guess that's what clowns are supposed to do. He thinks his memes are scientific. He is a funny little guy. 

    The van guy, probably the poet that claimed he was not the clown gives his opinion, which is completely absurd. This is some moments I might miss, the ridiculously funny moments. Two days left to ask and answer.

    To all other users, Skeptic, Jim2, and the insulting ones, I wish you good health to you and your loved ones. 


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    What are some benefits of Global Warming?

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    Certain regions, such as Canada, have lengthened growing seasons, so that can help with agriculture there. Also, in places where agriculture still takes place, extra CO2 should help plants--that's if they still get enough water and it doesn't get too hot. 

    We would still not to stop it from getting worse, or we'll be in big trouble.

    6 AnswersGlobal Warming6 days ago
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    for you, is it good riddence or goodbye Y!A Global Warming category?

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    its goodbye, im going to miss this place

    4 AnswersGlobal Warming6 days ago
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    Do you know that Jim2, Dirac, David, Darwinist, Koshka, Ray, Scott, Otto, Cowboy, etc are all the same person?

    So many stupid clues left by Dirac. The funniest was that he never could shrug off the needling. If they actually were different people, then they would have laughed off the accusation.

    But Dirac couldn't laugh it off because he was totally unnerved.

    6 AnswersGlobal Warming7 days ago
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    So what will people here do in about 3 hours? Keep looking for other sites where they can start false rumors about X being a paid alarmist?

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    Celebrate the death of something toxic. I'll be up until after midnight working anyway, so will be looking forward to seeing it officially close. You know that kind of excited feeling you get before a trip or big special event? It kind of feels like that.

    You have my email already, stay in touch, drop me a note any time. 

    5 AnswersGlobal Warming6 days ago
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    Yahoo Global Warming, This is Clown Crusher. Can I get help?

    First of all, I have my own confession to make. My accusers were right. I really was paid to post here by Exxon.

    You may have recently seen the thread by Michael. I never met or even saw Michael, but he was my connection at Exxon. Michael’s recent thread outlined how all the trolling went down.

    Initially, my role was to just post content opposed to alarmism. Michael posted all the funny poetry and hot girl pics. But as time went on, my job became less about posting science content, and more about posting nonsense. I objected. I told Michael that I’m a serious writer, and I would not compromise my principles. Michael told me that I was to do as told. I was scared and complied.

    But things got worse. I threatened to contact Chevron and work for them. Michael laughed in my face and said The Organization controls all the oil companies.

    Then, one day, I met Tatiana while weekly shopping at Safeway. Tatiana was a former weather girl in Moscow Russia, but now working in the Safeway bakery, Moscow Idaho. I know, right? Crazy!

    I confided in Tatiana. I told her my problem with The Organization. She was attentive, caring, and beautiful all at once. We fell in love and were to be married.

    But Tatiana betrayed me. She was with The Organization! And don’t believe Michael. His so-called "confession" was trick to lure me out of hiding!

    7 AnswersGlobal Warming1 week ago
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    Which is more dangerous? Corona virus or the effect of climate change? ?

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    Corona virus. But there is some words. Corona virus may be uprooted within 3-5 years but the effect of climate change is increasing day by day.

    10 AnswersGlobal Warming1 week ago
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    Is "denial" a scientific term?

    As in "climate denial"

    9 AnswersGlobal Warming1 week ago
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    It's been claimed that this meme is a scholarly source & has been peer-reviewed.  Who exactly reviewed this authoritative research meme?

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    That would be "no one."

    The link listed in the meme is to a personal blog, not a professional journal.

    A blog which is the only place any of the material is published.

    Because it can't pass peer review.


    @JOHN - Yes, essentially every time the clown posts it, he claims it's "peer-reviewed."

    @Let's Head Out - Though the screen shot in the question says "seven months ago," it gets posted frequently.  Some times multiple times a day.


    @Nottingham - No, she is not a "polar bear specialist."  She claims to be a polar bear enthusiast.  But she has no academic credentials denoting expertise in them, nor has she ever done any independent research on them herself.

    Leafing through the published papers of others who have actually done so, then claiming those papers say something the authors themselves deny, is neither "scholarly" nor "authoritative."


    @anonymous - Her dissertation was titled "Animal Domestication and Vertebrate Speciation: A Paradigm for the Origin of Species".  

    It had nothing to do with "Polar bear thyroid and digestion."

    The paper she wrote on that topic was something she wrote in grad school and wasn't remotely a "dissertation."

    11 AnswersGlobal Warming2 weeks ago
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    How do you feel about Slo Joe FuckingThe country up?

    Favourite answer:

    It sucks. I can only pray for things to get better, and hope Trump wins in 2024.

    I also think Democrats are a total disgrace to America 

    7 AnswersGlobal Warming2 weeks ago
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    How do global warming deniers explain this plot?

    The warming follows the logarithm of CO2 concentration, as expected, and the natural variability can be rejected as the cause of the warming at greater than a 99% level of significance.

    16 AnswersGlobal Warming2 weeks ago
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    If science shows co2 up and fires down, then why do some say that rising co2 leads to more fires?

    You can see from the chart that the correlation goes the other way.

    6 AnswersGlobal Warming1 week ago
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